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Buy Nike Kobe 9

Great review, Nightwing! I like that you are going back to the 5+minute long reviews and really going in depth on every topic. I wish that nike would start selling the midsole/insoles separate so that you could change them easier between shoes. One question, would the insoles from the air jordan 2011 fit in these?

buy nike kobe 9

Thanks for the review. Great to hear that it performed well. I was afraid that it was going to be another kobe 7, i.e., a step back.The carbon fiber on the side makes sense for lateral and angular (twist) stability; but does it really make up sufficient for the lack of a shank? My understanding is that it was mainly for the midfoot reinforcement (prevent foot stress), and even energy return. Does it not flex too much?Thanks!

@Nightwing and anyone else who may have there anywhere you can buy just the lebron 11 midsole or replacement midsoles? That way when I use the lebron 11 midsole in the kobes I wouldnt be wearing down 1 midsole for two pairs of shoes twice as fast. 041b061a72


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